Pooka Pages Magazine for Pagan Kids

13 09 2017

It’s been a while since I wrote anything on here – life stuff and a fair few writing projects. There’s been a few editions of Pooka since Beltane and I’ll post them if anyone wants them for download. Should keep the little ones busy for a while on these very wet autumn days.


Mabon 17 Issue.doc               Mabon 17 Issue.doc          Lughnasadh 17 issue.doc



Pooka Pages Magazine for Pagan Kids – Beltane 2017 edition

21 04 2017

© Lora Gaddis


The new Beltane 2017 edition is available now:  http://www.pookapages.com

or download  directly from here: Beltain 17 issue.doc

Book Review: Sanners Gow’s Tales and Folklore of the Buchan: Pat Hutchison

12 04 2017

Pat Hutchison has inherited the gift of storytelling and the twenty-six stories in his first collection are a glorious set of tales. The authentic voice of the North-East of Scotland comes through loud and clear as the stories are written in Doric Scots, which adds to their beauty and means nothing is lost in translation.

It would be extremely difficult to choose one or two favourites as every story in the collection is a joy. The stories range from ancient tales about treating strangers well because you never know who they are to more modern tales of bravery during the 20th C World Wars. Jessie Hutton is one such war story – a truly beautiful love story about Jessie’s bravery and what she went through for love of her man. It might sound Mills & Boon, but it truly isn’t. It’s a tale with a twist and a half and the supernatural element conjures goosebumps.

There are other ghost stories too – more than enough to whet the appetite and leave the reader wanting more. But the jewels in this treasure of a book are snippets of folklore contained in some of the stories  such as s The Lichten Green and The Prechum Steen.

Pat Hutchison’s first book will not disappoint.


Sanners Gow’s Tales and Folklore of the Buchan: Pat Hutchison (The Deveron Press, 2017) Published May 20th. Pre-publication signed copies available now from Unco, £9.99




Pooka Pages Magazine – 15th Anniversary Edition

12 03 2017

Pooka Pages 15th Anniversary Issue is ready! Warning: This issue is twice our normal size – 41 pages! But it includes 7 pages of Elsie & Nathan paperdolls, including outfits for each sabbat, paper altars, magical tools and a lot more. Heads Up: There’s a blank page in there. Just keep going and ignore it. And have fun! Just click on the Magazine link at pookapages.com

or download directly from here:   Ostara 2017 Issue.doc

28 01 2017

The new edition of Heart of the Travellers magazine is ready for download:



The Pooka Pages Magazine for Pagan Kids – Imbolc 2017

28 01 2017

The new edition of Pooka Pages Magazine is available now: imbolc-issue-17-doc    More fun stuff for kids here: http://www.pookapages.com/

Pooka Pages Magazine – Samhain 2016

24 10 2016

Pooka Pages Samhain Issue is posted. Have a happy and magical Samhain ! www.pookapages.com  or download directly:      samhain-2016-issue-doc