MoonCon 2021- Videos of the Talks are now on Youtube!

16 06 2021

All the videos from #MoonCon21 are up on Youtube now if you’d like to watch again:

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Pooka Pages Magazine – Summer Solstice 2021

16 06 2021
Image © Lora Craig-Gaddis

The Midsummer issue of the Pooka Pages for pagan kids has been posted. (And, for our friends on the other side of the equator, the previous Yule issue is also up.) The magazine is FREE to print out or read online. We hope you and your family enjoy it!

Click here:

It’s Almost Time for MoonCon 2021!

3 06 2021

Getting really excited now about MoonCon 2021 – a FREE two-day conference presented by a whole host of Moon Book Authors – who’ll be talking about their books, their Paganism and… well, anything else that comes to mind, really!

I’ll be talking along with Debi Gregory and Mabh Savage about Pagan parenting and, if the gossip we had a week or so ago was anything to go by, it’ll be a good exploration of the subject. I’m really looking forward to teaming up with these two lovely ladies.

We’re on at 12 – 12.45 pm on Saturday, June 5th and you can join us by clicking on this link:

The line up over the two days is fantastic – there’s sure to be something to interest just about everyone.

Please do join us and use the chat box to ask any questions you’d like us to discuss!

If you’d like to know more about us / our books / writings, follow the links below:

Fiona Tinker:

Pooka Pages Magazine for Pagan Kids:

This free Pagan children’s magazine is the brainchild of the fabulous Lora Craig Gaddis and it is produced eight times a year, just before each turn of the wheel. It is full of stories, crafts, poems and wonderful suggestions for introducing your children to nature, the wild and the stories of the Gods. I’ve been lucky enough to write for it for about 12 years now.

Mabh Savage:

Debi Gregory:

Out now: Fiona Tinker

MoonCon 2021

12 05 2021

Event by Moon Books Online:

5 Jun at 10:00 UTC+01 – 6 Jun at 21:00


Price: free ·

Duration: 1 dayPublic  · Anyone on or off Facebook

TWO DAYS of talks, panels & Q/A live sessions with a whole host of Moon Books authors.
Saturday 5th June & Sunday 6th June 2021
FREE and open to everyone
The event will be run live from the Moon Books facebook page

Very excited to take part in this conference with Moon Books! I’ll be discussing my writing for them, including my recent book for Pagan Parents and Children Stories for the Songs of the Year and my writing for Pooka Pages Magazine for Pagan Kids, my time as Education Officer with the Scottish Pagan Federation and a whole heap of other things!

It won’t just be me though, there’s Debi Gergory and Mabh Savage on the panel too – it’ll be a great craic!

This is Saturday’s line-up:

And Sunday’s line-up:

Fiona Tinker Amazon Author Page:

Stories for the Songs of the Year

Available on other Amazon platforms and from other book dealers

Hope you can join us!

Writing for Children: Some News!

2 05 2021

One of the regular readers of Pooka Pages Magazine for Pagan Kids Kalina Grimm, asked if she could record the magazine. She has a Youtube channel where she shared her readings of a variety of children’s stories. Her voice is beautiful and she breaths life into the stories so fabulously.

If you are looking for some listening material for your little ones, her channel is highly recommended!

If you’d like a little taster, here she is reading my Beltane 2021 story. I have to say Kalina’s really caught the laziness of Meg the cat with half a tail and the snootiness of Atilla the Bun perfectly!

Moon Con 21

2 05 2021

5 JUN AT 10:00 UTC+01 – 6 JUN AT 21:00 UTC+01

Moon Con 21

Free  · Online event


Event by Moon BooksOnline: facebook.com5 Jun at 10:00 UTC+01 – 6 Jun at 21:00 UTC+01Price: free · Duration: 2 day Public  · Anyone on or off Facebook

TWO DAYS of talks, panels & Q/A live sessions with a whole host of Moon Books authors.

Saturday 5th June & Sunday 6th June 2021
FREE and open to everyone

The event will be run live from the Moon Books facebook page


Moon BooksPublisher

Pooka Pages Magazine for Pagan Kids – Beltane 2021

25 04 2021

The Beltane issue of Pooka Pages is ready for free download now. (And, for our friends down under, the most recent Samhain issue has been posted.)

Happy Beltane everyone!

Art work: Lora Craig Gaddis

Pooka Pages Magazine – Ostara 2021

13 03 2021

The Ostara 2021 edition of Pooka Pages Magazine for Pagan Kids is out now. Free to download:

Pooka Pages Magazine Imbolg 2021

26 01 2021
Original Art Work Copyright : Lora Gaddis 2018

The Imbolc issue of Pooka Pages free magazine for pagan kids has been posted! Go to to download or print out your copy.

Lora, Pooka, the Team and I would love to see photos of your children enjoying the various activities!

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I think I will leave it for now and look at fixing it later!

Duck Feet – Ely Percy

23 01 2021

Book Review

  This beautiful Young Adult novel tells the story of Kirsty Campbell in a series of vignettes during the crucial six year period of growth from child to adult. The story is set in a working-class area of Renfrewshire, Scotland. Kristy comes from a close and loving family consisting of both her parents and her younger sister, Karen.  Her family are important to her and they are central to her life as she grows. The unusual title of the book is a childish name for swim fins but it also becomes an extended metaphor for lasting love and friendship.

Kirsty attends Renfrew Grammar and it is school that is crucial to her development. Education is important to Kirsty but she keeps that low key as not all of her contemporaries see the point in education.  Those she attends school with are a cast of characters straight from the best kind of gritty drama; saints and sinners all. As Kirsty navigates the problems of growing-up in her society, we follow her choosing who to be and defining her own moral code. We see her be best friends with Harpreet and Charlene one minute, best enemies the next. All of it creates enough real drama and tension to keep any avid soap fan delighted for years.

The story has powerful elements of funny and identifiable realism for most Scots, including that rite of passage known as ‘Social Dancing’ – something either enjoyed or hated at school but an experience people become thankful for later in life when attending wedding ceilidhs. Other events the reader can relate to include the first serious falling outs with friends and the experiences of first loves; every one realistically written with humour and masterful linguistic flair. Kirsty too encounters them all and the reader is left on tenterhooks, wishing the character well.

The themes in the story are the powerful themes one would expect to find in such a novel: growing-up, transition, friendships, love, choices, teenage pregnancy, drugs, alcohol and relationships.  However, there is one powerful – and shocking – theme in the novel that is unexpected:  violent death. It is a death portrayed in all its messy, unnecessary, painful and too realistic violence. Whilst there are many YA novels that deal with death as a main theme, they tend to do so in a syrupy manner that almost sanitises the grim and final reality. Percy pulls no punches and tells it like it is. To write anymore about this aspect of the novel would be an absolute spoiler, but it is an episode that is crucial to understanding the person Kirsty has become and who she will finally metamorphose into as an adult.  The pain of grief is not hidden. Indeed, Kirsty experiences a personal ‘Clarence the Angel’ moment which shows her that her life is worth living no matter how hard and bleak the present moment. Kirsty’s pain is all too real and it would be a very stone-hearted reader indeed who did not feel sympathy for the character.

Whilst Percy’s novel does not shy away from difficult subjects, there is much humour in the tale. The dialogue is very realistic, reflecting the speech patterns of the Renfrew / Paisley area. The book is written in Scots and the beautiful uses of metaphors and imagery reflect the vibrant and lively cadences of the Scots Leid.  It was an absolute pleasure to read a novel where the language used is that of the characters and the country and where any occasional English used felt very intrusive indeed.

This is an excellent Young Adult novel which ought to be on the secondary school syllabus in Scotland.

Fiona Tinker

Duck Feet  Ely Percy     (Edinburgh: Monstrous Regiment: August 2020)

ISBN: 9781916117921