Book News

21 01 2013

Thank you to those who’ve bought my book and given me such lovely feedback. There have been some great blog posts about it, such as these ones –

Cas Lake, from MySpirit Radio, interviewed me too –
All very exciting! (And yes, she did ask about recording me before we began!)



The PCC: Just A Scabby Knee?

21 01 2013

Were you the sort of small child who really enjoyed getting monster scabs from falling off roller skates or out of trees? I was. Did you enjoy picking at the resulting scabs, even though it hurt a bit? I did.

I knew I shouldn’t do it but just couldn’t not do it. It’d get to the point where my mother would slap an enormous plaster over it just to allow it to heal. And then, days later, she’d rip it off – painfully. All that was left was red skin stinging in the healing air, no more scab to turn other people’s stomachs.

That’s enough of the reminiscences – what on earth has my six-year old self got to do with the Press Complaints Commission? It’s a weird mind-leap, but the childish scab might be seen as a lovely metaphor for the PCC is in its present form.  It’s certainly turned my stomach recently. I’ve no idea what is going to happen to that institution, but I do hope it is slapped with a metaphorical giant plaster; one that is ripped away to reveal plenty of lovely, shiny new skin beneath. That would give whatever replaces it a chance to regrow healthy and whole. It would also give the public and the press an opportunity to trust each other again. I don’t think this is a chance the press can afford to miss, not after all that has been revealed about the less than pleasant practices of certain elements.

Yes, I have been picking away at the scab of a complaint with the PCC – months of to-ing and fro-ing talking about journalistic misrepresentation and THAT paper: the one well-known for its accurate knowledge of the various Paganisms in the four countries of the UK and famed for its tolerance. It’s been an interesting 6 months or so and I certainly picked that particular pile of festering pus as far as I could.  I was not in the least surprised that the PCC did not find in my favour – despite (among other things) this journalist recording me without my knowledge, consent or permission.  Was the Leveson Enquiry merely a dream?

The journalist I complained about is called Marc Horne and I’d advise any Pagan / Pagan Body contacted by him to give him a very wide berth indeed. If you want specifics, feel free to contact  me.

And whatever lies ahead for the PCC as a body, I hope their plaster is ripped off very painfully indeed. It’s time for the healed skin to make contact with the fresh air.