What Does Good Interfaith Education Look Like?

4 10 2016

This was the question posed by an Interfaith activist based in Europe. He had the idea of a collaborative book focusing on Interfaith and education in various European countries. It’s an excellent premise for a thoughtful volume. Unfortunately, I won’t be submitting my essay as part of this as I really don’t think it is necessary for a publisher to demand the copyright of an author’s work – it’s a bit odd, to be truthful; and certainly not something I’ve come across before.

So I’m  left with a little lost and lonely chapter on why Paganism ought to be included in the RME Curriculum in Scottish schools. It’s linked below, for interest. In time, I will link the volume, should it be completed.



*January 2017 update: This has now been accepted as a chapter in a book about Interfaith across Europe after agreeing the copyright of work stays with the author.  I will link the book details and the chapter when it is published. I’ve also updated a set of statistics because I forgot to include the Mormons in an original sum. Sorry, Frank!

June 2019 Update – I’ve discovered that the chapter I wrote is being sold by third parties – without my agreement or any payment to me – for quite considerable sums!  Not sure how to deal with that level of intellectual theft and greed, but in the meantime, here’s the chapter if it is of interest:  Interfaith education essay.docx Updated Jan 19th 2017